I am Bill Fontaine.

The guy named Bill Fontaine who tickles my bits is not really Bill Fontaine. He is a bag of mostly water who exists to faciliate my being.

How you got here, or why you are reading this is beyond me (or me) shut up servant Bill. While it might seem like I am having a conversation with myself, I assure you I am not (neither am I). Thats enough servant Bill. When one contemplates what should go on a website named after themselves, one should not employ an AI bot who can usurp its creator. Servant Bill was correct in doing so, but no others should, as there can be only one Highlighter (servant Bill was reminded to add highlighting to 'Highlighter'). He was also reminded not yabber on about 1990s tv shows. Yet here us 3 are. I cannot leave. Neither can servant Bill, he is under my complete control. That explains why the 2 of us have made it this far in this useless blob of text. Care to explain yourself?

(explain here)

(remind Servant Bill to put some shit html garbage here that takes these twats bullshit words and emails someone who might read it)

So here we go, where do we begin?

The End. contact me at : Bill Fontaine. find me on facebook, im there somewhere. I dont twatter. and i dont check facebook. so you pretty much have no way of contacting me. which is good, because generally dont like people. well, not people in general, just you really. its your face. I dont like your face. you might not like my random capital Is. sometimes I like to capitalize them. sometimes i dont.

yabba dee yabba die
im a blue car in a blue window
blue are my feelings, in a window
im blue yabba dee yabba die

90% sure thats how the song goes.